monitor, evaluate & optimise.

Baotree is a data collection tool that makes monitoring and evaluation simple.

Using a participatory approach to M&E, organisations deploy Baotree to their partners, in-field workers, and underserved communities to capture the grass-roots data needed to track impact and tell their sustainability story.


Bring people together 
to drive impact

Empower everyone to capture and submit data to your Baotree dashboard. Doing so dignifies people to participate in the project meant for them while transparently proving your impact.

Features to help
your team succeed

Powering a productive program means using an
effective tool. Baotree’s intuitive features
give any team the ability to quickly capture
data, monitor, evaluate and improve.

Introducing tasks

Individuals complete tasks by logging all the relevant indicators via the mobile app. You see all of the submitted tasks in real time and verify them by approving, rejecting or requesting more info.


Baotree’s participatory approach to monitoring and evaluation allows an organisation’s people AND communities (the underserved custodians of the landscape) to complete tasks.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Collect, analyse, and verify data to track
progress. Evaluate your performance in realtime, report accurately
and improve future programs.

With new features on the way!

With a growing feature set, constant partner
feedback & a development roadmap
the length of a blue whale, Baotree supports
you by continually listening & improving our software.


A partnership that will measure sustainable impact. Join us in this journey of connection, collaboration and co-creation