Connecting Communities
To Your Impact Strategy

Through economic, social and economic activities
managed through Baotree’s software – we help
you work collaboratively with communities
to drive sustainable impact.

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Project Management Software on mobile

Community, collaboration & communication,
all-in-one system


Run projects that include communities in environmental, social and economic development. Increasing community engagement and impact. 


Through the software communities report tasks that support their surrounding land use management, well-being and economic activities.  


Development goals are achieved once a threshold of verified tasks are complete. Amplifying collaboration by 10x.  


Environment, social and economic data supports decision-making, operational effectiveness and future fundraising efforts. 

The Challenge

Project Management Software to benefit wildlife

Organisations tasked with community development are fighting for survival.  As a result, capital allocation is focussed on their core operations, leaving communities vulnerable to environmental, social and economic crisis. Further, organisations don’t share data, operational learnings & access to funding, which leads to additional negative equity drivers into climate and biodiversity. 

The Solution

Community relationship management software. Organisations run projects that incentivise communities to report environment, social and economic tasks. Through a process of data capture, verification and proof of impact, communities achieve their development goals. By digitising these projects and activities, we are a vehicle for co-creation, collaboration and connection between organisations, and communities. 

Project management software focused on community development

Why Baotree

Project Management Software to achieve environmental development

We provide organisations with the means to prove their history of impact. Align communities with development and impact strategies. Including all stakeholders for global change.

Let’s Work Together

Supporting you to integrate your community development strategy into Baotree’s software for ease of implementation, project management and reporting.

Our support team will guide you through all the steps of setting up your projects, task selection and training your stakeholders.

Our customer success team are on-hand to support all of your needs and questions as your projects progress.

Project reports and data will inform and guide the best practices to support the success of your future projects.

Listen and respond to the voices of communities to inform future development needs.


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