Our impact
determines our

We recognize the complex interconnection
between people, their way of life, and the
natural resources on which they depend.

Environmental Restoration

We support communities that co-inhabit the richest biodiverse
areas in Africa. Through the enablement of our projects & tasks,
we provide the ability to mobilise thousands of community members towards
positive measured planet action.

Economic Empowerment

The community development goals drive upliftment of underserved
communities towards sustainable abundance. We focus on equipping
communities with the tools, funds and resources that they need in
order to live a healthy and sustainable life.

Systemic Change

We promote an opportunity for organisations and communities to collaborate, co-create and connect towards shared values. Through working together, and based on incentives, we can achieve systemic change from the grass roots.

Inspiring Transparency

Through the lens of impact, communication and our relationship management engine, Baotree users are empowered to track proof of work, verify evidence on project tasks and report on the project insights of impact.

Projects & tasks

A project is where you describe the community statement of need & the environmental and social tasks that a partner community actions to support their development needs.

01 / Human-Wildlife Conflicts
02 / Illegal Activities
03 / Endangered Species Sightings
04 / Climate Actions
05 / Healthcare Activities
06 / Invasive Species Removal

Community sustainable
development goals

Community members work with their partner organization to define
their primary development goals to be achieved during a Project.
Goals are realized when all Tasks within a Project are completed.

These community development goals may include:
01 / Predator proof materials for securing livestock from predators
02 / Feeding schemes in support of droughts or lack of financial income for communities
03 / Healthcare training or workshops or provision of medical supplies
04 / Solar energy systems for schools, clinics or homes
05 / Infrastructure developments such as sand dams, fencing, schools
06 / School bursaries, employee training, and employment opportunities

The United
Nations Sustainable
Development Goals

The blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future
for all of nature and humanity. Through the completion of Tasks
and incentivized Project rewards, the community
stakeholders are organically activated towards sustainable
development goals. SEE GOALS >

Traceable &
transparent funding

BaoConnect is Baotree’s funding engine that enables the traceable flow of funds from all types of donors, and directly into their intended areas of impact by transparently showing the utilization of funds in supporting the community development goals.

Baotree will launch BaoConnect in early 2021 – to allow for a new funding channel for Projects and marginalised communities that need it most.

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