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How our relationship management software works

Based On A True Story

MARCH – OCTOBER 2019 The story of Baotree began during Dimitri’s due diligence expedition across Sub-Saharan Africa, whilst working and living on the borders of protected biodiverse rich areas.

NOVEMBER – DECEMBER 2019 Dimitri piloted the relationship management model that would serve organisations, communities and nature.  In partnership with the Loisaba Conservancy, Lion Landscapes & the Koija community in Kenya – the test was proven successful, and so the journey began.

JANUARY – MARCH 2020 Mike Simpson (Co-founder & Commercial) and Skye Aspden (Co-founder & COO), joined Dimitri to create the Baotree team. Together, they began the process of setting up their tech start-up.

APRIL – MAY 2020 Baotree became a registered business in the UK and the team raised an initial seed investment round to commence the tech development of our software.

JUNE – SEPTEMBER 2020 The team welcomed their advisory committee to support in Baotree’s business guidance, growth and global ambitions. Software development was well underway and the technology test planning was in full motion.

OCTOBER – DECEMBER 2020 Boots-on-the-ground, the team arrived in Kenya to trial the software with 4 technology test partners in the Laikipia County.  Loisaba Conservancy, Borana Conservancy, Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Communities Health Africa Trust were our pilot partners.  Together, we positively impacted 6 community groups, 1,000+ community individuals and 600+ impact tasks captured & verified.

JANUARY – MARCH 2021 After a successful technology test, our team went through pilot feedback, to iterate and refine Baotree’s software.  Dimitri moved to Kenya, registered the business in Kenya and the partner growth phase starts to increase.

APRIL – JUNE 2021 The team on-boards Baotree’s first customers, brand presence scales and the hiring of our Kenyan team commenced.  Baotree partners with TamTam, a digital school in Togo, West Africa – where the collaboration is to develop Baovoices – two-communication feature, that allows for mobile based surveys and understanding development needs from all community voices.


Baotree’s pilot enabled five of
the United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals

During the pilot, the community completed a variety of environmental and climate action-based tasks.
The community development incentives allowed for good health, well-being, and livestock security.

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